Medicine Dispensing Now Available!

Our mission at Premier Urgent Care is to provide immediate quality care to all of our patients. With that said the thought of providing medications in-house is the perfect way to limit the amount of time patients are spending having to travel to a pharmacy while not feeling well.  The last thing you want to do when you are sick is to drive out of your way to a pharmacy and then wait for your prescriptions to be filled.

Dr. Hazel Bluestein, Premier Urgent Care’s Medical Director, explained that she has seen many sick patients that have had to wait until the next morning in order to fill their prescriptions due to pharmacies closing before our centers do.  We are open everyday until 9pm making it very convenient to pick up your medication on-site after being seen.  We have several patients visit us during evening hours throughout the week or later in the day during the weekend when a lot of pharmacies have already closed.  After seeing this time and time again we decided that providing a medicine dispensing service would be the most efficient way to get our patients feeling better without further interruptions.

How does it work?  We provide the top 20 most common medications our patients generally need prescribed.  There are a select few medications that we are not able to provide due to state regulations but are still able to write our patients a prescription.   Most medications we offer average about $15 each.  There are no additional co-pays and we do not bill the patient’s insurance company.  We offer all of our patients a receipt of purchase which many insurance companies will offer reimbursements for.

We have 15 Premier Urgent Care centers now offering medicine dispensing including all of our Pennsylvania locations as well as our Delaware location.  At this time New Jersey state regulations do not allow urgent cares to offer medicine dispensing so at this time we only have the availability to prescribe medications to our patients in our New Jersey centers.

Premier Urgent Care is open 9am to 9pm every day of the year.  Walk-in to any of our centers for even faster immediate quality care.  For any questions about our medicine dispensing email us at