• Sports Injuries – Faster Than the ER

    Sports Injuries – Faster Than the ER

    PREMIER URGENT CARE offers treatment for acute injuries sustained while playing sports. Athletes can walk in to any PREMIER location 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. – 365 days a year. Whether you sprain your ankle, scrape your knee or hit your head, our board-certified physicians and medical staff are able to treat your sports-related injury.  Our healthcare facilities

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  • Sports Injuries – Making the Right Call

    Sports Injuries – Making the Right Call

    Making the Right Call When your child requires medical care in the evening or on a weekend, it’s important to assess the following: 1. Is the injury life-threatening – should I call 911 or get to an emergency room? 2. Can the injury wait until the pediatrician’s office opens? Can he or she hold out

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  • Let’s Get Physicals!

    Let’s Get Physicals!

    Let’s Get Physicals! It’s unusual for a child to avoid catching a cold or getting hurt. Maybe you haven’t made the early-morning call to the doctor to see if they can fit your son or daughter in that day. If that’s the case, it’s important to understand that your child will still benefit from annual

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  • Faster Than the ER

    Faster Than the ER

    PREMIER URGENT CARE specializes in non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries and can immediately accommodate any sudden health care concern.  Our medical staff is trained in Advanced Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support. We treat our patients quickly and effectively and in the majority of cases, we are a great alternative to a hospital emergency department. Premier

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  • Treating Allergies

    Treating Allergies

      Treating Allergies with Care   If you’ve never had a severe allergic reaction or cared for someone experiencing one, consider yourself lucky. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that more than 50 million Americans have an allergic reaction each year. Side effects to a severe allergy can be life-threatening, requiring a quick response and medical

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