I am forever grateful for the medical care I received when I thought I had a simple cough. My ENT specialist told me that, if it hadn't been for the early diagnosis of thyroid cancer which you found, it might have spread throughout my entire body.

— Carolyn S.

“I am forever grateful for the medical care I received when I thought I had a simple cough. My ENT specialist told me that, if it hadn’t been for the early diagnosis of thyroid cancer which you found, it might have spread throughout my entire body.”

–Carolyn S.

“This is the most caring medical staff I have ever met. Not only was everyone so patient with my grandmother, but they even called a few days later to check on her!”

–Brian G.

“This was the most delightful medical experience I have ever had. The center was clean, and the staff was super-courteous! I will recommend PREMIER to all my friends!.”

–Jonathan R.

“Thank you for being there when I needed you most — I had just lost my insurance and was so grateful that you were remarkably cheaper than being seen in the ER. Plus, I didn’t have to wait!”

–George C.

“I have three sons. I have wasted a good portion of my life in the ER. Now there is FINALLY a place I can go to and get everyone home in time for dinner! You are such a blessing!”

–Sandy W.

“Thank you for saving my father’s life. The cardiologist told us that If you had not been there to stabilize him when he was having his heart attack, he would have surely died.”

–Heather M.

“Thank you SO MUCH for the outstanding care you provided to my daughter and her broken wrist! I couldn’t believe that we came in and were examined, x-rayed, casted, and out the door in less than an hour!”

–Angela M.

“We have used the Premier Center in Kennett Square, twice in the last two weeks. Due to minor accidents, for our daughters, requiring stitches. Each time the staff was extremely professional and caring, putting the girls at ease and providing excellent care. Tracy and John were extremely kind and patient with our daughter who was extremely frantic at the prospect of stitches. The quality of care surpasses that of any E.R. we have been to and the convenience is unrivaled. Premier is a tremendous asset to our community.”

–Tanya C.

“I was extremely impressed with the `{`Kennett Square`}` facility and especially the provider who treated me. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I am happy to know that I can come to Premier in a time of medical need. I can’t thank Dr. Sanders enough for her follow through and exceptional treatment. I will be sure to tell my friends of my wonderful experience at your facility.”

–Deb R.

“Had a wonderful experience at the Hellertown, PA facility and only waited about 10 minutes. My 17-year-old daughter crushed two fingers with lacerations. The staff and the provider who treated my daughter were great. It was a very painful procedure to stitch up the nails and nail beds, not to mention a broken bone in the tip of one finger. Took her to a specialist 4 days after and they were very impressed with the work that was done on her fingers. Bravo to the Hellertown Premier facility!”

–Deb P.

“I just wanted to contact you regarding the excellent medical care we received at your Oaks facility. The doctor (as well as all of the support staff) were friendly, professional, knowledgeable and made me feel as if they truly cared about my son’s medical problem. Dr. Ditizio immediately developed a rapport with my son; he was empathic and really listened to us. Not to mention the fact that we were in and out in less than an hour! I will recommend Premier to all my friends. Keep up the outstanding work! Finally, a move in the positive direction for healthcare!”

–Ruth R.

“I’m from Georgia and not knowing where to get started I contacted my insurance company who provided me with the address to Premier Urgent Care. I’m very thankful that they sent me to the office in Cherry Hill. I wanted to let your facility know that the nurse on duty that night was C. Teamen. I must praise this young lady. Her “bedside” manners were excellent and made me feel more comfortable being at your facility. AGAIN, a job well done and thanks.”

– Captain Tony R, Chief Investigator Spalding County Sheriff’s Office

“I was recently in your facility for a medical issue and was amazed by the quality of all your staff–doctors, nurses technicians, and front desk personnel. My wait time was much less than it would have been in an ER and everyone made me feel incredibly comfortable. Any question I asked was immediately answered in a caring manner. Thank you for turning what could have easily been a frightening experience into a pleasant one.”

–Juanita R.

“I just wanted to say I had a great experience at your Oaks, PA facility. I will never use a hospital ER again. The service you provided was fast and the people were great.”

–Tom K.

“Six months ago I took my son to your Exton facility – he had jammed one of his fingers playing baseball. X-rays were taken, and it was determined there was a fracture, so his finger was wrapped and set. We were told to get it evaluated further by an orthopaedic specialist, which we did. This doctor was amazed at how professionally set his finger was, and because of this, there was no further damage to the bones! I can’t thank you enough – I tell everyone how great Premier is! ”

–Sue M.

“I visited your clinic in Oaks, PA today, and I just wanted to thank everyone for a great experience. I have never had such a pleasant experience before, usually sitting around in the waiting room and exam room for around 4 hours each time. Today, I was in and out in less than an hour! So thank you so much.”

–Jessica K.

“PREMIER is great for emergencies. Especially when your normal family physician isn’t available or doesn’t call back in a timely manner. They have treated us with extreme care, even to the point of calling within 48 hours of the visit to check on us. That is very reassuring that they really do care. They always explain what is going on with great detail.”

–Christina P.

“The way my 3-year old was treated was beyond phenomenal; she was made so comfortable that she later told me she LIKED going to the doctor’s office!”

–Jennifer T.

“This was such a better alternative than waiting for hours in the emergency department. Not only were we seen right away, but we were on our way home in 30 minutes!”

–Jeff N.

“Your caring and compassionate staff is beyond comparison. It is nice to have a place to go where people truly care about you when you are sick or injured. God bless all of you.”

–Diane G.

“I just want to express my complete satisfaction with my examination and evaluation. I have a medical background and worked with many doctors, and I would rate my Premier provider and his skillful examination not only among the best I have received, but also among the best I have observed. He truly listened to me describe my symptoms, worked to uncover any information that I might have forgotten to mention and took the time to carefully evaluate my situation in order to arrive at an accurate diagnosis.”

–Cynthia K.

“I just wanted to comment on the care that my husband received today at the Limerick Urgent Care. We were very pleased with our visit and your personnel. The facility is very nice, and the receptionist was friendly, efficient and made us feel comfortable.”

–Phyllis P.