Are you aware that people donate organs, blood marrow, stem cells, etc. to strangers?

Premier Urgent Care has been assisting these living angels to help those with otherwise terminal illnesses.  There are several donor centers that Premier has worked with over the last several years to assist these services.  Sometimes the recipient is a relative or friend, but sometimes it is a stranger; the donor may be a volunteer on a registry for donation.

Many of our clinical staff members have been involved, helping the medical process.  These people are given a series of injections to stimulate their bodies to increase production of specific compounds, so the harvesting of organs or cells is more plentiful.  We have had a patient donate a kidney to a stranger, and several who donated marrow or white blood cells or stem cells.  At Premier, we check the donor carefully, place him/her on a monitor, give the injection of Neupogen (filgrastim), and watch for any side effects or problems with the medication.  The patient might return for a few more injections, or have it done at home with a visiting nurse.

I have asked that any site who receives this request send it to me [Dr. Hazel Bluestein], so we can be sure all the proper steps are carefully taken.

Are you the next angel?  A simple call to a donor center (National Marrow Donor Program) followed by a simple blood test to check your HLA type is all it takes.  Pregnant women can also donate their baby’s cord blood, for stem cells.  Many of us have had people close to us who have suffered with serious disease – this is a new method to help.  Think about it…

Hazel Bluestein, MD, CMO

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