Managing the Healthcare of Your Most Important Asset-Your Employee

Why is Occupational Health important for your employees?

Pre-Employment Evaluations 
Premier Occupational Health provides high-quality, comprehensive medical care. Our staff of qualified professionals administer a full range of pre-employment examinations, including comprehensive drug screenings, physical examinations, DOT physical examinations, hearing and vision exams, pulmonary function testing and more….

Premier has a notable, diverse customer base that includes Local Unions, Fire Departments, Department of Transportation, Industrial work organizations and any small or large business. We pride ourselves on maintaining our relationships through top notch service and communication. Our Occupational Health Director is available 7 days a week to assist you with all of your occupational health needs!

Periodic Health Screening & Work Injuries
In addition to mandatory periodic health exams, we offer longitudinal screening where appropriate. We are 100% OSHA Compliant and our team is dedicated to getting your employee back to work as quickly and safely as possible with minimum disruption to your business. We provide immediate evaluation and treatment and you are notified as soon as your employee leaves our office of their work-restrictions. Premier recognizes the importance of OSHA reportables and the need to “return to work”.
Premier Occupational Health also provides education regarding specific health issues related to your business through health fairs and presentations. Please contact Tricia Brown our Occupational Health Director for more information at
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