Worker’s Comp and Auto Accident Med Dispensing Program

Premier Urgent Care is now offering Medication Dispensing for our Work Comp and Auto Accident  patients. 

We are now providing medication dispensing in-house to help our Work Comp and Auto Accident patients get the medical care they need as well as prescriptions all in one place.

How does it work?  We provide the top 20 most common medications our patients generally need prescribed.  There are a select few medications that we are not able to provide due to state regulations but are still able to write our patients a prescription for.

With Worker’s Comp as well as Auto Accidents there is no out-of-pocket cost to the patient.  We dispense medications to Auto Accident patients at their initial visit as well as any follow-ups.  Worker’s Comp patients are only able to take advantage of our medical dispensing program at the time of there initial visit.

At Premier Urgent Care it is our mission to make it easier as well as saving time for patients to receive the best quality care with the medications they need all in one place.  For any questions regarding our Work Comp and Auto Accident Medical Dispensing please contact


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